Progress (but not as we know it, Jim).

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Apologies for the slow pace of reportage due to the concomitantly slow pace of research and development. There are all manner of reasons for the apparent delays. For instance, this is a kind of (amateur-ish) ‘voluntary’ initiative. Furthermore, and maybe due to this, prototyping is being employed as the development methodology. It’s not a perfect methodology and as one commentator remarked is similar to “trial and error” in some ways though more formally defined. It works but requires lots of patience. So, I ask you to be patient too as the work progresses. It will be completely reported here eventually!


Just wished to say a word or two about design constraints of which there are many with this project. For example, ‘shop local’ and ‘reduce airmiles’ should both be mantras! It’s not always possible to satisfy all of the constraints but one can try!